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Pastor Dave Wiebe:
Pastor Dave oversees discipleship within the church which includes care groups, men’s ministries, & children’s ministries.  Pastor Dave & his wife Christine have three teenage children and enjoy hiking, biking, and spending time with their family.
Jessamyn Duncan
Jessamyn is our youth co-ordinator and will be offering many fun youth activities on Friday nights.  
Purpose Statement
Our desire is to glorify God, proclaiming Jesus for All

Our Core Values:

A Grace Dependant Environment – We recognize that we are all sinful and broken, each of us as equally desperate as the next person in our need for the grace of Jesus. We desire to create a gracious place where everyone, no matter how broken and sin-stained their story really is, recognizes that Jesus can bring forgiveness for any sin, freedom from any bondage and hope to the most hopeless of situations.

A Growing Intimacy with God – We are a people of prayer. We recognize that we are completely dependent in the provision of Jesus in all areas of our life.  Therefore, we desire to be a people who are hungry for more of Him, continually growing in reliance on the Holy Spirit and daily learning to walk by faith as we seek Him in corporate and private prayer and worship.   We believe in the reality of spiritual battle and therefore want to be a people who, through prayer, continually lean into God’s full strength in our weakness, for ourselves and on behalf of others.

A Deep Hunger for the Word – We recognize the entire Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God and we value the sufficiency of the Word of God concerning all matters of life. We desire to be a church family which is continually hungry for, mediating on and feeding upon the truth of God and who we are in Christ.  We desire to be people who continually share the Word with others, that all may be built up in Him.

Contagious Unity and Community – We recognize that our love and unity is a reflection of Christ to the world and to each other. Therefore we desire to be a community of people who are so convinced of God’s love for us and for others that it deeply and practically affects each of our relationships.   We desire to create a gracious and safe space for people to share their true stores and unpack their lives together.   We desire to create a culture where speaking the truth in love, holding each other accountable and offering forgiveness is a natural outflow of following Jesus.

Overflowing Generosity – We recognize how generous Jesus is towards us. Therefore we desire to be a community of people who reflect Christ’s generous heart for the world as we hold our own resources and finances loosely while participing in the privilege of building the kingdom of God and helping fulfill the great commission.  We want the way we handle all of our resources, in attitude and practice, to partner together with God’s call on our lives to reach a broken world with the love of Christ.  We desire to have growing, active hearts that freely help the poor and disenfranchised in our town and around the world.

A Discipling Culture – We recognize God’s call on our lives to make disciples and so desire to be a group of people committed to making disciples. We value the equipping of parents to teach and lead their families as God commands.  Further, we believe in equipping all believers, growing them up as disciples to be disciple-makers themselves, able to reach out to those around them in their sphere of influence and in turn, grow others up in Christ.

Passion for the Lost – We recognize that all people matter to God and Jesus is their only hope. We therefore desire to reach out and love lost broken people in order to help them find life in Christ.  We believe this happens in the context of relationships and therefore encourage each other to do life deeply with those who do not yet know Christ.  We desire to be a church whose hearts and actions beat loudly for the nations and therefore equip, send out and support workers globally, reaching out with the gospel of Jesus to the ends of the earth.